Farming game with
Collect NFT and earn
New Farmtier is a free-to-play*, slow and relaxing farming NFT game. In this game, you can get vege seeds by collecting any NFTs you like. Plant seeds and harvest veges then you can earn NFTs or others. Our goal is not only to provide an enjoyable game, but also reducing or offsetting gas fees from collecting NFTs by profits from this “Collect NFT and earn” system to make all NFTs more accessible and enjoyable for NFT collectors and creators! *Excluding gas fees
Get Seeds
Mint or purchase NFT at outside of the game, such as creator’s website or marketplace, to get colorful vege seeds!
Harvest veges
Plant seeds into fields and grow them. After a while, you can harvest veges you grow!
Expand new frontier
Your farm is located on an island. Find and explore new islands and build bridges to expand your farm island, your new frontier!
Phase 1
Reveal the game
Phase 2
Genesis NFT sale
Phase 3
Beta testing, launch game!
Phase 4
Updates, collaborations... and more!
Founder CEO
Ex-CEO of Magicant, subsidiary of AppLovin corp. Created 50+ games with 60m+ worldwide downloads. Love Manga, Game and Heavy Metal.
Co-Founder CTO
Have extensive engineering experience, including roles as an engineer, EM, and PM, in multiple startups various fields such as games, IoT, XR, and HR. Engage in online writer and engineering community manager.
Worked at various startups as engineer, architect and EM. Grow japanese pepper in childhood. Love backpack and interested in local DAO.
Worked as engineer at game company such as SQUARE ENIX , IGNIS and NEXON etc. Web3 entrepreneur and artist, live for Web3 and music.
Led UI/UX design of web3 products, also worked on UI design of games. Recently, purchased a house to welcome rescued cats.
An all-round mobile game designer and Photoshop lover. Recently, started to pay attention to health condition and buys all kinds of health products.
Software engineer with extensive experience in IoT, infrastructure and web services. Love outdoor activities, game and gadgets.